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All personal data collected will be used for eDrive research purposes only and may not be shared with a third party. If you are completing eDrive as part of a driver-training program then performance related information will be provided to the program provider to support your requirements for that program. If you are completing eDrive as part of an Employer funded program then performance related information will be provided to your employer.

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eDrive Membership

eDrive memberships will allow you to play more than 100 video simulations and to engage in all training activities (visual search, hazard anticipation, risk management, road commentary and speed choice) for a time period of nine months.

You will learn to deal with many tricky traffic scenarios that would take many years to experience in real driving.

Once you have completed the programme you can redo all the failed checkpoints or replay the videos of the checkpoints you have passed.

Minimum computer specifications:


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Refund Policy

You are entitled to a refund should reasons beyond your control prevent you from using your active eDrive account once it has been paid for. Requests for a refund should be made by emailing support@edrive.co.nz. Please accompany this request with detailed reasons why you are applying and also please make sure your request does not violate our Terms and Conditions. Once approved, your refund will be made to the credit card that was used to make the purchase.