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eDrive.... now part of the new AA Defensive Driving course!
7 January, 2013 - AA now uses eDrive's state of the art learning system as part of their new Defensive Driving course!

Australasian Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference
4 October, 2012 - eDrive attended the Australasian Road Safety Research Policing and Education Conference on 4-6 October and presented papers on our work. Thanks to all who attended!

eDrive on Closeup with Nigel Latta
27 July, 2012 - What can you do to prevent your teenager from becoming another road accident statistic? Scroll to 04:17 to hear eDrive being recommended!

Nigel Latta talks Teen Driving
14 July, 2012 - Nigel Latta investigates the intricacies of teenaged drivers, and tells us what to do about it. eDrive is featured on the programme! There are three parts, so click through to them all.

Tougher Driving Test
5 May, 2012 - After nine weeks and nearly 9000 attempts, more than half of those sitting the tough new practical driving tests are flunking.

eDrive's general manager Nadine Isler writes about the lighter side of the Give Way rules
28 March, 2012 - Nadine Isler talks about the new Give Way changes and how it has impacted New Zealand in a funny and lighthearted manner. "There were no spontaneous combustions as a result of thinking too hard, no widespread rioting against the change, and no reports of people simply giving up mid-intersection and walking away from their cars in tears."

eDrive profiled in Waikato Times
24 March, 2012 - Waikato University associate professor of psychology Robert Isler expected drivers to be cautious for the first two or three weeks after the change but warned bad habits could creep in.

eDrive profiled in The Courier Timaru
22 March, 2012 - eDrive's new Give Way website is profiled in the The Courier Timaru.

Robert Isler talks about eDrive on TVNZ
22 March, 2012 - Robert Isler talks about how easy it is to learn the two news Give Way rules with eDrive on TVNZ

eDrive profiled in The Herald
22 March, 2012 - More than 120,000 people have visited the website GiveWay.co.nz and sat a simulation placing them behind the wheel of a Suzuki Grand Vitara in 14 real-life give-way scenarios around suburban Hamilton. However, one in 10 people who have taken the online test on the new give-way rules answered at least one question wrong.

Nadine Isler talks about eDrive on Radio Live
20 March, 2012 - Andrew Patterson talks to Nadine Isler about the new give way rules that come in to play on the 25th.

eDrive profiled in Manawatu Standard
20 March, 2012 - With a change to road rules fast approaching, Palmerston North police are launching a campaign to put a stop to bad behaviour at intersections.

eDrive profiled in The Herald
20 March, 2012 - Former driving instructor Graeme Wattam tries out our new Give Way site to check that people really understand the new rules.

Courtney Sit's review of eDrive
20 March, 2012 - Social Media user; Courtney Sit reviews the new Give Way site. Rating it as "smart, interactive and fun."

eDrive profiled in Infonews
13 March, 2012 - New Zealanders have a chance to experience the changes to the Give Way rules in real-life situations, safely and easily on their computers, with eDrives latest module. Users can access the Give Way simulations for free. Instead of computer-drawn animations, eDrives acclaimed training modules are filmed on real New Zealand roads, and give users a chance to familiarize themselves with the two changes that come in to play on the morning of the 25th.

Give way to Beyonce
13 March, 2012 - Stuff.co.nz suggests one way to remember the new Give Way rule change by thinking of Beyonce. Beyonce wants you to give way to cars turning "to the left, to the left". And what Beyonce wants, Beyonce gets. Apart from that MTV award that one time.

eDrive profiled in Happyzine
12 March, 2012 - Bringing New Zealand's road toll down is no small job. But it's one that Robert Isler and his daughter Nadine Isler are tackling head on. They've developed a learning system called eDrive, which aims to help people acquire life-saving skills for use on the roads.

eDrive in the Blenheim Sun, page 13
Blenheim Sun
12 March, 2012 - Kiwis can now practice the new Give Way rules safely off the road, using a new interactive module which has just been launched. Its aim is to help people practice the new rules, and can be accessed at www.giveway.co.nz. The rules will change as of 5am on the 25th March, and eDrive Solutions have built an interactive online practice tool, which is designed to assist people to understand the rules easily, and test themselves on the change. It is freely available to all New Zealanders.

eDrive profiled in TechDay
12 March, 2012 - New Zealands Give Way rules change over on March 25, in a move that could cause chaos on the roads over the next few months. To help ease the transition, driver training website eDrive has added a special module which allows drivers to practice driving under the new rule, from the safety of their computer.

Kiwis can train up on new road rules with eDrives online simulations
Jack Yan & Associates
11 March, 2012 - Hamilton, March 12 New Zealanders have a chance to experience the changes to the Give Way rules in real-life situations, safely and easily on their computers, with eDrive's latest module.

6 March, 2012 - eDrive has a new member to the team, here's Helen: Hello everyone! I'm Helen from eDrive. I am the newest member of the company and wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little about me. I have emigrated from the United Kingdom to New Zealand where I spent most of my life living, working and socializing in a small town near Liverpool. I have almost been in New Zealand for one month now where I have settled in to what I now consider my home. I am an outgoing, adventurous and friendly young woman who enjoys various activities such as; rock climbing, hiking (or tramping as Kiwi's may refer to it), reading and all things creative to name a few. One area you can find out more about eDrive is on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/eDrive If you have any questions in the meantime I would love to hear from you. Email : helen@edrive.co.nz

New collaboration for eDrive!
14 November, 2011 - eDrive is now in collaboration with Boomrock and Fleetsafe!

Driving Research, Policy and Action Toward Zero Deaths and Injuries
Australasian Road Safety Research, Policing, and Education Conference
27 October, 2011 - Robert Isler of eDrive was invited to Perth to present on 'Free Online Training in Situational Awareness, Hazard Perception and Risk Management for Lerner Drivers in New Zealand'

eDrive paper
27 October, 2011 - This paper was presented at the Australasian Road Safety Research, Policing, and Education Conference in Perth, October 2011

Staying focused at the wheel: Driver inattention, distraction and fatigue
AA Research Foundation Inaugural Research Symposium
6 September, 2011 - eDrive was invited to present on the lack of visual search, situation awareness and hazard perception skills in teen drivers and some effective remedies. Nadine Isler presented a demonstration of eDrive.

eDrive to launch at BP Connect stores nationally
14 August, 2011 - eDrive will go on sale at BP Connect stores nationally from August 15

Ripple Effect Launch
12 July, 2011 - eDrive went along to the emotional and very touching launch of the Ripple Effect Programme in Pataka, Porirua.

Driving app targets young motorists
11 July, 2011 - An interactive online driving tool called eDrive has been launched.

Faced with a high death toll, New Zealand's eDrive uses the web to improve driver skill
8 July, 2011 - Visitors to New Zealand know that the country is one of the most beautiful in the world - but its roads can be treacherous, often due to poor driving behaviour. Dr Robert Isler has sought to remedy that using a web-based interactive tool called eDrive.

Young drivers licensed to kill
1 July, 2011 - With young drivers causing hundreds of deaths and costing the country more than $1 billion a year, new research suggests it's time to change the way we teach people how to drive.

Evidence Based Online Driver Training
Company Fleet Managers Day
29 June, 2011 - Robert Isler of eDrive was invited to speak about Evidence Based Online Driver Training. For more info contact Monique Haines, Road Safety Coordinator, Policy and Transport, Waikato Regional Council Ph: 07 859 0951

Program puts young in driving seat
16 May, 2011 - An online computer program designed by a road safety expert and lecturer at Waikato University is helping young folk to learn to drive. Wintec journalism student Jonathan Carson reports.

eDrive.co.nz is now live on the web
10 May, 2011 - After over two years of filming and software development, www.edrive.co.nz is finally live and available to the public. eDrive is a programme which was developed in response to the high road toll on New Zealand roads, with particular focus on young drivers. It will be an ideal learning tool for young drivers to prepare for the new and more difficult Restricted Licence test, which has been announced by the government last week.

Drive to do good
9 May, 2011 - If you are at all worried about being conspicuous as you drive through town, you shouldn't take a ride in the eDrive filming vehicle. Most cars slow, people point, and wherever the car is parked it invites a barrage of questions.

Sarah jumps in the eDriver seat for a GrabOne test drive
4 May, 2011 - Having emigrated to New Zealand from the UK last year, I was forced to recognise an unpalatable truth - to get to where I really want to get in New Zealand, I'd have to learn to drive rather than rely on public transport. Eek! So when eDrive, a virtual driver training programme, ran a deal with GrabOne earlier this year, they offered us the chance to go for a test-drive - and I was first in line.

Online driving simulator aims to reduce road toll
23 April, 2010 - A father and daughter team are driving round New Zealand in a specialised video car as part of a new project to set up a realistic driving simulator for learner drivers.