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"The safety of our employees is of highest importance to us at Coca-Cola Amatil. That commitment extends out to our employees who drive on the road. eDrive has been an invaluable way for us to put all our staff through a verified driver safety training programme. eDrive can take care of all the administration, and we can obtain reports on the results and progress of our people. A fantastic product."
Catherine King, National Health and Safety Manager, Coca-Cola Amatil NZ Limited
"I have been involved with road safety for a very long time, and eDrive is the best training programme I have ever seen. It's fun, interactive and it's something that really works. In fact I saw two of the groups I'm working with yesterday and the amount of discussion generated was awesome. They helped each other and there was a lot of laughter, they were able to relate it to their on road driving assessment. It is just brilliant. We look forward to working more with it and helping make a difference."
Mark Kairua, Road Safety Co-ordinator, Porirua City Council
"I went through the eDrive programme when I was about to sit my restricted licence, and it helped me practice. I feel like I'm much more ready to be on the road now."
Dan Croxley, Hamilton
"At 74 years old I was looking for something that would help me brush up my driving skills so that I could feel ready to be out there on the road. eDrive is fantastic in that it lets you practice things without having to put yourself in harm's way"
Susan Chambers, Christchurch
"Our son has just started learning to drive, and we think eDrive make our job so much easier. We trust that it teaches him the right things, and we've had a go ourselves to see what we should be focussing on. A great product."
Mary Belshaw, Auckland
"Our bosses paid for us all to go through the eDrive training and I'm so grateful. I didn't do so well at the start but it was good to show me what I still needed to learn!"
Pete Signcroft, Wellington